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Temporary Workers Conditions Of Employment

Between First Choice Recruitment (FCR Recruitment Ltd) (Hereinafter called the "Employment Business)" and the employee named overleaf hereinafter called the "Temporary Worker".

  1. Temporary workers are engaged under a contract for services, the terms of which are set out below and applies to every assignment.
  2. The employment business agrees to offer to the temporary worker opportunities to work as a...... Where there is a suitable assignment with a hirer (Hereinafter called "The Client") requiring such work the Employment Business reserves the right to offer any assignment to such temporary workers as it may elect where that assignment is suitable for several workers.
  3. The temporary worker is under no obligation to accept such an offer but if accepted. He/she owes the normal common law duties of an employee as far as they reasonably applicable.
  4. The employment business shall pay for temporary worker wages calculated at a minimum hourly rate of £... for each hour worked to be paid weekly in arrears, subject to deductions for national insurance, P.A.Y.E, as any other purpose for which the Employment Business is required by law to make deductions.
  5. The temporary worker shall at all times when services are due to a client comply with the following condition:-
    1. Not to engage in any conduct detrimental to the interests of the employment business.
    2. Be present during the times, or for the total number of hours during each week or day as may be agreed;
    3. To take all steps to safeguard his/her safety and the safety of others who may be affected by his/her actions at work.
    4. To comply with all any disciplinary rules in force at the premises where services are performed to the extent that they are applicable.
    5. To comply with all reasonable instructions and requests within the scope of the agreed services made by the employment business or the client.
  6. There is no obligation by the employment business to provide or the temporary worker to serve any normal number of hours in any day or week. In the event of the Temporary worker declining the offer to work, or failing to attend work for any reason, for any period, the contract shall terminate.
  7. The temporary worker is entitled to secure payment from the Employment Business for Holidays. According to the terms and conditions of business of the WORKING TIME regulations 1998.
  8. The Employment Business shall be responsible for making all statutory deductions relating to earning Insurance and Income tax Under Schedule E, in accordance with the Finance Act (No.2) 1975 and transmitting those to the Inland Revenue.
  9. The employment business may instruct the temporary worker to end an assignment with a client at any time.
  10. The Employment Business and the temporary worker agree that the nature of temporary work is such that there may be periods between assignments when no work is available.
  11. A temporary worker having and complaint connected with the temporary work, its termination or the conduct of or relations with the client or any employee of the client shall have the right to present the grievance to a director of senior manager of the employment business